Why A Good Guide is a Must on a Safari Adventure

Tour guides are not just people who know their way around the bush, they also understand animals and their movements… well the experienced ones do. They can guide you close to the wildife, and their clever movements mean that the animals are virtually unaware of your presence, which is ideal if you’re attempting to take a striking photo.

Safari guides often have a passion for these creatures too, and they make you feel safe at all times, even when it’s darka nd you’re in the middle of nowhere surrounding a warm fire. Each guide will have their own methods for finding the animals. Some will just follow their instincts, others will memorise locations but either way, their job is to get you good sightings.

If you’re looking to go on a safari holiday then you have to understand that your guide will be an important part of your holiday, and you should make sure you choose a guide who’s experienced, talented and passionate about animals.