Making the most of a stay in Africa

Africa is a continent full of incredible scenery and amazing animals. Some of the greatest sights on Earth can be found in Africa and it is the perfect location for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. From the pyramids in Egypt and Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, to the vast range of wildlife, there is an abundance of things to see and do.

Various countries in Africa are affected by war, but there are many relatively safe places to visit as long as you take sensible precautions – try not to wear expensive jewellery or carry valuables like mobile phones or large cameras, and be careful about the food and drink you consume to reduce the chances of getting sick. It is also important not to give money to children who are begging because it makes the cycle harder to break, although helping families with food stamps is a good alternative in some countries.

The cost of the holiday soon adds up when you consider flights and accommodation, but some things are worth every penny – and the experience of Africa is one of them. To make it truly worthwhile, it would perhaps be worth considering a break of several weeks so you can spend time travelling and really making the most of the culture and history.