Fishing along the Zambezi River

Africa is a beautiful country to fish and the waters are brimming with exotic fish. Many enthusiastic fishermen will flock to Zambezi for a holiday in a luxury lodge. You should never look to fish alone though because there are lawns on where you can and cannot fish.

Expert guides can lead fishing excisions on solid boats up and down the Zambezi River and these holidays are well suited to groups. You are able to take you own gear but you’ll be surprised at how much fish these experts can catch with rather basic equipment.

All fishing is on a catch and release basis, and rightly so, but you do have to be careful because some of the fish in the waters are rather snappy with teeth capable of slicing though your skin and bone. This is again why experts are required, even for the most accomplished fishermen so make sure you’re signed up to excursions because it’s certainly not a safe one person activity.