Fishing holidays more popular than ever

Fishing holidays are becoming more and more popular and are also now been booked as party of man stag parties. There are two main types, escorted fishing trips and non escorted trips. For those going first time or perhaps for the serious fishers, escorted trips are great as you will have a tour guide with you most of the time to tell you where to fish and what equipment is best used in that area. Fishing is a skill and although you may be great at fishing in the UK, in different locations around the world you may need to learn new tips about how to catch in that area.... Read More »

Catching Swordfish in Zanzibar

It’s certainly not an easy task to catch a swordfish in Zanzibar but if you want to stand a chance of catching this desirable fish then you’re best chance is in the fishing village of Kizimkazi. This fishing village is well equipped with numerous fishing boats that you can rent from the beach and it’s made its name as a peaceful fishing village. Zanazibar is the type of country that offers really superb tropical surroundings, and the idyllic village of Kizimkazi i built for peaceful fishing adventures. Many individuals will set sail from Kizimkazi and there are plenty of lodges to stay at once your day is completely. You can... Read More »

Fishing in Botswana

Botswana may be relatively central in Africa, but there are opportunities to fish at the Okavango Delta. The best time for fishing there is in September or October, and there are numerous lodges to stay in around the area. Botswana is not exactly well known for fishing, and other then the Okavango Delta, there are not necessarily many areas to go fishing, but that actually works to an advantage, especially if you’re seeking peaceful fishing with superb scenery. You may have to watch out for the wildlife though, and that’s because the Okavango Delta is a popular watering hole for many animals, so if you get the opportunity to fish... Read More »

Catching fish in Mozambique

When you think of Mozambique and the waters of the Indian Ocean, you’re probably think about relaxation or perhaps even paradise, but that’s exactly what it’s like, especially when you’ve got a rod in your hand a heap load of bait. Taking a little fishing boat out into the peaceful Indian Ocean is simple, and you can usually loan equipment if you’re away on your holidays. Many fisherman have caught Kingfish, Queenfish and Barracuda among other species, and if you’re a half decent fisher you won’t come away empty handed. Fishing here can be rather picturesque, the sandy beaches, greenery and coral reefs really do make it stand on its... Read More »

Bloemhof Dam – Fisherman’s heaven

The previous post mentioned two cracking dams in South Africa, but Bloemhof Dam stands on its own. You can find plenty of yellow fish, but it can be a lot more difficult to catch them when the rain is falling and the waters are slightly cloudy and muddy. The benefit with this dam is the fact that you get the benefit of a caravan park, so clean bathrooms and toilets are on offer for all kinds of fisherman. You have to remember that many people are aware of this dam and in the summer months it can get quite busy, so it can be beneficial to set up early, while... Read More »