Understanding the Fishing Regulations in South Africa

The fishing regulations are different all over the world and it is essential that you understand them if you intend to fish whilst abroad. In South Africa, there are lots of regulations in place to protect marine life. Here are some things to take into consideration: You are not allowed to catch basking sharks, brindle bass, natal wrasse pipefish, saw fish, sea horses or whale sharks. You must not get too close to whales and disturb them either. Do not remove any shells or aquatic plants unless you have the correct permit. You must have permits to fish and must follow all of the regulations regarding net size, rod and... Read More »

Safety Whilst Fishing on Holiday

Safety should be of paramount importance whilst you are fishing on holiday. It should be when you are fishing anywhere, of course, but on holiday you will be in an unfamiliar location and you will need to be more aware of local rules and safety specifications. One of the main reasons you should be mindful of safety and fishing rules is the local wildlife. If you leave fishing rods, hooks and nets lying around, they can be a real danger to animals and wildlife. If you are fishing using a line, you should use a biodegradable version in case it breaks, as animals could get tangled up in it. Make... Read More »

Fishing in the Dark

When fishing from shore or a dock, cover the hook with your bait and try several different places. Try fishing around weeds, lily pads, brush and other panfish hangouts. Dunk the bait and move it around until you catch your first fish. Where there is one, there usually are more. Keep trying different depths until you begin catching fish. Once you locate a school, you can catch enough for the whole crew. If you don’t catch fish within your immediate area, try casting out farther. Eventually, you will find the fish. A flashlight is handy for locating different kinds of cover.If you’re using a bobber, drop the bait close to... Read More »

Are fishing holidays for everyone?

Fishing holidays are becoming increasingly more popular amongst families and groups of friends. They are also great fun for people wishing to get away on their own for a bit as you can have the interaction with other people who enjoy fishing whilst taking in the peace and quiet around you. Families are booking up to go on a fishing holiday and many come back saying it is one of the best trips away they have had. Sometimes they will go fishing for a few days and then spend the rest of the time doing the usual holiday activities or it may be that one or two of the family... Read More »

Fishing along the Zambezi River

Africa is a beautiful country to fish and the waters are brimming with exotic fish. Many enthusiastic fishermen will flock to Zambezi for a holiday in a luxury lodge. You should never look to fish alone though because there are lawns on where you can and cannot fish. Expert guides can lead fishing excisions on solid boats up and down the Zambezi River and these holidays are well suited to groups. You are able to take you own gear but you’ll be surprised at how much fish these experts can catch with rather basic equipment. All fishing is on a catch and release basis, and rightly so, but you do... Read More »