Bloemhof Dam – Fisherman’s heaven

The previous post mentioned two cracking dams in South Africa, but Bloemhof Dam stands on its own. You can find plenty of yellow fish, but it can be a lot more difficult to catch them when the rain is falling and the waters are slightly cloudy and muddy.

The benefit with this dam is the fact that you get the benefit of a caravan park, so clean bathrooms and toilets are on offer for all kinds of fisherman. You have to remember that many people are aware of this dam and in the summer months it can get quite busy, so it can be beneficial to set up early, while you’re not particularly close to local amenities, so a good selection of food and supplies is imperative, unless of course you’re willing to drive a couple of miles.

Bloemhof Dam is the home of yellow fish, and if you’re looking to Catch something different for a change then this could be the right place to settle down for day, but don’t forget your carp bait.