Fishing Trips Abroad: What you Need to Know

Fishing trips are often taken abroad, where you can enjoy some time spent fishing as well as some sun and better weather! Many people choose to travel abroad either to fish in the first instance, or to have a general holiday, and then choose to fish whilst there. If you are going fishing whilst abroad, make sure you understand the rules and regulations. These will vary around the world and will affect the types of fish you are allowed to catch, as well as the quantities. If you are going out to sea, it is usually advisable to go on a fishing boat with someone who knows the area well,... Read More »

What is there to do in a Golf Village?

Is a golf village holiday all about the golf? Some people worry that all there is to do is play golf all day, and they may also be concerned that their skills aren’t good enough to do this. The truth is, there’s plenty that can be done in a golf village, and not just if you like golf either. People enjoy family activities, or take a break to a golf village with a group of friends. This is especially true if you go somewhere known for its warm weather such as the Algarve region of Portugal. Golf villages are well equipped to make people’s stays pleasant and comfortable, with swimming... Read More »

Tracking your Wildlife Sightings on a Safari

When you see a leopard in the wild for the first time, or you see an elephant up close in a national park, you might think that the memory will stay with you forever. Whilst it might feel this way at the time, this actually isn’t the case in all likelihood, and your memory will inevitably fade over time. So it’s a good idea to record your sightings to preserve the memory. If you book onto a reputable safari tour with a good quality company, they will be able to help you record your sightings effectively. They will be able to help you with animal identification in the first place... Read More »

Respecting your Environment on Safari

A safari holiday is an incredible experience, one that you’re unlikely tp forget for the rest of your life. To get the most out of it, there’s a great deal of consideration that needs to go into the planning, and the way in which you go about your holiday. You always need to be respectful in a different country, making sure you pay close attention to people and customs. Make sure you understand the etiquette for a safari and the kind of accommodation you will be staying in. Consider tipping guides and chefs generously if you are happy with the service, as this is the polite way to behave. You... Read More »

Enjoying Different Food Options Abroad

When abroad, enjoying new, interesting and different cuisines can be one of the biggest thrills of your trip. It’s a chance to experience something new, and to discover new flavours as well. Even if you try something you don’t enjoy, you will have had a whole new experience that could lead to a discovery you might never have had. It always pays to be adventurous – make sure you are open to new types of food and different experiences. If you look at the kinds of foods local people eat, this will give you a good guide. Eating in local restaurants is always an interesting experience and you will find... Read More »