The Nairobi National Park

For keen wildlife spotters who find themselves on a limited budget and maybe also with limited time, then the Nairobi National Park may well be worth a visit.

Covering just 117 square kilometres, not only is it one of the smallest parks in the whole continent but it is also the only park which borders a big city, located less than 10 kilometres south of Nairobi city centre.

If you are short of time, it is possible to book a half day excursion with one of the many tourist companies in the city. However, the best way to explore the area is in a 4 wheel drive vehicle, particularly if you are visiting during the wetter months of the year from April to October.

There is plenty of wildlife to spot including big cats, like lion, cheetah and leopard and herd animals – giraffes, zebras, eland and wildebeest. For bird lovers there are over 400 species of bird to see, including kingfishers and ostriches. However, the major attraction is black rhino which is an endangered species and the park is home to over fifty of these magnificent animals.