3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zambia

After the de riguer mammals are ticked off your checklist, Zambia’s rare species and migrations are sure to excite even the most jaded safari-goer. In Kasanka National Park in the northeast, eight million fruit bats darken the sky in November and December, and sitatungas, a semi-aquatic and highly elusive antelope, are commonly spotted. Nearby in the Bangweulu wetlands, herds of thousands of black lechwe roam; this is the only place in Africa you can see the antelope in large numbers. In November, tens of thousands of blue wildebeest gather on the plains of Liuwa Plain National Park, and in Kafue National Park lions can be seen swimming in swamps and... Read More »

On the lookout for big cats

Whether you are on safari in Africa with guides and rangers or whether you are managing a self-drive safari holiday, you will still need a keen eye to spot wildlife. Once you have spotted an animal sitting under a tree or skulking around the bushes, it can give you a real thrill to know that you are watching wild animals in a natural habitat rather than spotting them at a zoo or safari park at home. It does help to have at least a basic understanding of animal behaviour. Big cats are fundamentally lazy and will only really move if they are catching prey, so they spend most of their... Read More »

Things to do in Marrakesh

Marrakesh is the fourth largest city of Morocco and has been a popular tourist destination for decades for Europeans. With a hot, dry climate and relatively little rainfall, you are guaranteed round-the-clock sunshine throughout the year. However, you may want to avoid the hottest moths of July and August when temperatures can reach the mid-40 degrees Celsius. The huge expanse of the Jemaa El-Fnaa Square is well worth a visit and is a great place for “people watching” and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city. There are stalls selling refreshing freshly squeezed orange juice, snake charmers, dancers, pedlars and musicians playing African drums and tambourines. Enjoy wandering around... Read More »

Safe destinations in Africa

It is a concern for many travellers venturing outside of Europe. Is my holiday destination a safe place to visit? Nowhere, of course, can be guaranteed as 100% safe and there are risks in whatever we do; from flying by plane to crossing the road and even trying local delicacies. However, if you are keen to visit Africa, then you may want to consider a holiday in one of the countries mentioned below. Botswana is one of the few very stable countries in Africa and is a good destination for a safari holiday with plenty of game to spot. The people are friendly and the infrastructure is good, making it... Read More »

Enjoying a self-drive safari holiday

A self-drive safari holiday is possible in some of the national Parks in Africa, including in Kruger, in the north-east corner of South Africa. It can be a much cheaper option than travelling on organised tours and it also enables you to do things at your own pace. The best time for animal watching tends to be in the morning before about 11am and, later in the afternoon, after 3.30pm. There are strict speed limits within Kruger National Park – 50kph on tarmacked roads and 40kph on gravel roads and sandy tracks. Entrance into and out of the parks is very strictly controlled and it may take 30 or 40... Read More »