Tanzania in its Raw Beauty

Tanzania is one of the most popular African countries, especially for those seeking out spectacular wildlife. You’re able to witness incredible Great Migration in the beautiful Serengeti, while there is rare black rhino, hippo, gazelle and lion to spot. Tanzania has plenty of forests, swamps, lakes and grasslands, and you may feel as though you’ve entered the movie The Lion King. If you want to check out Tanzania, then the Lake Manyara is definitely worth a visit, while it’s home to herds of elephant. Tanzania is more than home to the big game 5, it’s home to exotic scenery, friendly local people and a stunning bush landscape. Make sure you... Read More »

What Can You Expect in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the major tourist destinations in Africa. Located around the equator, Kenya experiences climates that allow tourists to visit throughout the year. Below is a description of what a safari in Kenya involves: Things to See Kenya’s abundant wildlife and diverse activities are the main reasons behind its success as a safari destination. The wildebeest migration is one of nature’s biggest events and, depending on when you travel, you could see this in Kenya. You can also expect encounters with the Big 5 (elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion and rhino) as well as cheetah, hyena, zebra, giraffe, antelope, and warthog among many more. The bird species include thousands... Read More »

Elephant Safaris in South Africa

South Africa is known for its many different types of safaris but one of the most popular types is elephant safaris. These are the type of safaris that guarantee you up close encounters with gigantic elephant, while many offer you the opportunity to take a ride on the back of an elephant across national parks. Madwala Private Game Reserve is a great place to visit if you want to interact with a family of elephants and the experience in this private park is designed to give you closer encounters and superb views. Some people will only visit a safari for one type of animal, and if you’re an elephant fan... Read More »

Gorilla Safari Holidays in South Africa

Trek through thick jungle land in search of the world’s largest primates and humans closest living relatives. Arguably the ultimate wildlife encounter is to get up close and observe the glorious Mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. There are around only 600 mountain gorillas still exist and by choosing to go and see them in South Africa you can help to ensure their sustained survival in their natural environment. For many years gorillas have been cruelly hunted for their heads and hands, which are sold on as macabre souvenirs. And although illegal, a large number of them have been killed whilst trying to stop poachers from talking their babies to... Read More »

The Ultimate African Adventure

If you’ve never visited Africa before, and you’re planning a holiday there, then it’s important to look at it as an adventure, and the options are limitless. You should have several ideas on what you want to do and where you want to go, and the chances are you’ll be able to return home with unforgettable memories. Safaris are always popular, and so too are fishing trips especially on the outskirts of Africa or on the exotic islands. If you really do love the wildlife then you may want to consider visiting Kenya or Botswana. These two countries give you every opportunity to track the migration and obtain some close... Read More »