Elephant Safaris in South Africa

South Africa is known for its many different types of safaris but one of the most popular types is elephant safaris. These are the type of safaris that guarantee you up close encounters with gigantic elephant, while many offer you the opportunity to take a ride on the back of an elephant across national parks. Madwala Private Game Reserve is a great place to visit if you want to interact with a family of elephants and the experience in this private park is designed to give you closer encounters and superb views. Some people will only visit a safari for one type of animal, and if you’re an elephant fan... Read More »

Northern Africa

If visiting Africa for the safari/fishing tourism is not quite your cup of tea there is still much on offer. Africa is a huge continent and often not considered as a typical African holiday is a trip to northern Africa. Egypt has a huge range of attractions; the obvious choice is visiting the pyramids. There is also scuba-diving in Ras Mohammed National Park on offer among a huge list of other choices. If Egypt doesn’t sound like the holiday for you, there is Morocco. Marrakech is the cultural capital of Morocco, located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. There is no shortage of adventures in this thriving city. Visit... Read More »

Catching Swordfish in Zanzibar

It’s certainly not an easy task to catch a swordfish in Zanzibar but if you want to stand a chance of catching this desirable fish then you’re best chance is in the fishing village of Kizimkazi. This fishing village is well equipped with numerous fishing boats that you can rent from the beach and it’s made its name as a peaceful fishing village. Zanazibar is the type of country that offers really superb tropical surroundings, and the idyllic village of Kizimkazi i built for peaceful fishing adventures. Many individuals will set sail from Kizimkazi and there are plenty of lodges to stay at once your day is completely. You can... Read More »

Fishing in Botswana

Botswana may be relatively central in Africa, but there are opportunities to fish at the Okavango Delta. The best time for fishing there is in September or October, and there are numerous lodges to stay in around the area. Botswana is not exactly well known for fishing, and other then the Okavango Delta, there are not necessarily many areas to go fishing, but that actually works to an advantage, especially if you’re seeking peaceful fishing with superb scenery. You may have to watch out for the wildlife though, and that’s because the Okavango Delta is a popular watering hole for many animals, so if you get the opportunity to fish... Read More »

The Ultimate African Adventure

If you’ve never visited Africa before, and you’re planning a holiday there, then it’s important to look at it as an adventure, and the options are limitless. You should have several ideas on what you want to do and where you want to go, and the chances are you’ll be able to return home with unforgettable memories. Safaris are always popular, and so too are fishing trips especially on the outskirts of Africa or on the exotic islands. If you really do love the wildlife then you may want to consider visiting Kenya or Botswana. These two countries give you every opportunity to track the migration and obtain some close... Read More »