Understanding the Fishing Regulations in South Africa

The fishing regulations are different all over the world and it is essential that you understand them if you intend to fish whilst abroad. In South Africa, there are lots of regulations in place to protect marine life. Here are some things to take into consideration: You are not allowed to catch basking sharks, brindle bass, natal wrasse pipefish, saw fish, sea horses or whale sharks. You must not get too close to whales and disturb them either. Do not remove any shells or aquatic plants unless you have the correct permit. You must have permits to fish and must follow all of the regulations regarding net size, rod and... Read More »

Learning to Scuba Dive on Holiday

Scuba diving is an amazing experience, allowing you to see the underwater world in a whole new way. You are able to breathe underwater, giving you the opportunity to experience things you wouldn’t usually be able to. Tropical or warm climates are the perfect place to learn as they have more interesting underwater life and will usually provide more pleasant diving conditions. Choose a reputable diving school to teach you to scuba dive. You will be able to put your skills to use all around the world so it’s important to learn properly. The most common is PADI, a widely-recognised name in scuba diving. You will be taught how to... Read More »

Tanzania in its Raw Beauty

Tanzania is one of the most popular African countries, especially for those seeking out spectacular wildlife. You’re able to witness incredible Great Migration in the beautiful Serengeti, while there is rare black rhino, hippo, gazelle and lion to spot. Tanzania has plenty of forests, swamps, lakes and grasslands, and you may feel as though you’ve entered the movie The Lion King. If you want to check out Tanzania, then the Lake Manyara is definitely worth a visit, while it’s home to herds of elephant. Tanzania is more than home to the big game 5, it’s home to exotic scenery, friendly local people and a stunning bush landscape. Make sure you... Read More »

Why A Good Guide is a Must on a Safari Adventure

Tour guides are not just people who know their way around the bush, they also understand animals and their movements… well the experienced ones do. They can guide you close to the wildife, and their clever movements mean that the animals are virtually unaware of your presence, which is ideal if you’re attempting to take a striking photo. Safari guides often have a passion for these creatures too, and they make you feel safe at all times, even when it’s darka nd you’re in the middle of nowhere surrounding a warm fire. Each guide will have their own methods for finding the animals. Some will just follow their instincts, others... Read More »

Fishing along the Zambezi River

Africa is a beautiful country to fish and the waters are brimming with exotic fish. Many enthusiastic fishermen will flock to Zambezi for a holiday in a luxury lodge. You should never look to fish alone though because there are lawns on where you can and cannot fish. Expert guides can lead fishing excisions on solid boats up and down the Zambezi River and these holidays are well suited to groups. You are able to take you own gear but you’ll be surprised at how much fish these experts can catch with rather basic equipment. All fishing is on a catch and release basis, and rightly so, but you do... Read More »